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Welcome to Canadian, Texas

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The Canadian River Historic Wagon Bridge not only spans this splendid Texas prairie river – it spans time, transporting the traveler to an earlier era, and inviting a slower pace.


Off the beaten path…

 The river city is awash with opportunity for year round family fun, and a chance to revel in what one writer called being “ a million miles from Monday.” Taking a walk to enjoy the historic, nostalgic downtown district – or a drive to view the mesas of the Canadian River Breaks ranch country and observe the flora and fauna of its pristine, short grass prairie – are all apart of the unforgettable experience.

 The High Plains loop of the Great Texas Wildlife Trails provides passage to 68 regional wildlife viewing sites, 12 of which are in the Canadian area. Birding and wildlife enthusiasts prospecting for a look at fauna – such as bobwhite quail, burrowing owls, prairie dogs, and the lesser prairie chicken – can take advantage of the year round viewing opportunities or special events, including the Prairie Chicken viewings held each spring.


Arrington Ranch House Lodge
South Hwy. 60. Turn south at Arrington Ranch sign. Travel 4.4 miles. White 2-story house on the south side of road.   806-323-6924

Baker House, Brooks House & Lewis House Bed & Breakfasts
1408 S. Main   806-323-5527

 Bar 4 Campground
Reservations Only   806-323-8426 (H)   806-323-5752 (W)

 Canadian Courts Motel
S. 2nd.   806-323-8058

 Shilom Inn
502 N. 2nd.   806-323-6402

 Emerald House Bed & Breakfast
103 N. 6th.    806-323-5827

 Hemphill County Recreation Complex
RV Park   Hwy. 60/83 N.   806-323-6521

 Prairie Haven Bed & Breakfast
Hwy. 83 S. 12 miles    806-323-5555

 Riverside Motel
606 N. 2nd.   806-323-9944

The Thicket
Hwy 60/83 N. 2 miles. Turn right on FM 2266 and travel 4 miles.  806-323-8118

 Washita River Cabin
Call for directions     806-3232-6924

Townview RV Park
1000 S. 2nd.    806-323-6276


Alexander’s Deli
959 S. 2nd.    806-323-8853

 Bobbie’s Country Kitchen
218 Kingman  806-323-9933

 Cattle Exchange
2nd. & Main   806-323-6755

 Dairy Queen
304 N. 2nd.   806-323-5581

 Family Restaurant
597 N. 2nd.   806-323-5600

 Ma Beasley’s Donuts
316 Main  806-323-6504

 Our Fillin’ Station
217 S. 2nd.   806-323-9176

 The Palace Theater
210 Main   806-323-5133

 Pizza Hut
322 S. 2nd.   806-323-5122

 Sweet Temptations & Grill
314 N. 2nd.   806-5225

 The Canadian Restaurant
402 N. 2nd.   806-323-9176

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Canadian-Hemphill County Community Development
216 S. 2nd. St. Canadian, Texas 79014 806-323-6234